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The Facts About Masonic Lodge #1190 Dues and Donations Revealed

They likewise understood that this was not necessarily the exact same type that would be dispersed by the state, county and city. These brethren went into action and a number of separate committees were formed to administer Masonic relief. "Among the first reports received was the one informing of the loss by eighteen Lodges of their charters, records, gems, and paraphernalia.

The Brotherhood Fund Committee - Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of  the State of New YorkThe Link March 2019 by Provincial Grand Lodge of Berkshire - issuu

Chapters; R. & S.M. Councils; and the Grand Council of the State; and Commanderies of Knights Templar. All of the appendant bodies of the Scottish Rite and the whole contents of the Grand Master's office were ruined. "As word of the losses spread to the Masonic Fraternity, contributions totaling up to $83,089.

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44 in materials were received by the Masonic Board of Relief. It is interesting to keep in mind where the contributions originated from. As an example, five lodges from the State of Maine sent $450.; the Lodge of Columbia, a village of 12,000 in southeastern Pennsylvania sent out $75; the Craft of Louisiana sent $400; the Lodges of Illinois sent out $15,897.

50; and, British India sent $26. 65. "Maybe Solution Can Be Seen Here of the most extreme losses suffered was by the Scottish Rite Bodies of Chicago. Everything they possessed was consumed by the flames, and the reports were that the loss was upward of $10,000, and insurance coverage covering only about 5% of this overall.

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Illustrious Josiah H. Drummond, Grand Commander, released a circular to all Bodies in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction asking that help be sent out to the distressed brethren of Chicago. The Supreme Council remitted all unsettled charges to that day, and contributed $1,300 for the relief of the various Bodies. Another source of support originated from the Grand Leader of the Southern Jurisdiction, Illustrious Albert Pike, by contributing from his own minimal resources, in addition to asking the Bodies in his Jurisdiction to assist.

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